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Relocating for a contracting arrangement? You may be eligible for accommodation and/or food allowances

Living Away From Home Allowance – LAFHA

LAFHAAt SDP Solutions we understand that some contracting opportunities may involve you having to relocate for the contracting term – to assist contractors in these situations, if eligible they can claim the Living Away From Home Allowance (LAFHA).

LAFHA is only available to our PAYG Contractors – another benefit of contracting through SDP Solutions along with Salary Packaging.  LAFHA Allowances mean you pay less tax which increases your take home pay.
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British Nationals Overseas – Additional measures in place to help you who need a new or replacement passport

British Nationals Overseas, how to get a UK Passport in AustraliaBritish Nationals Overseas

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office have confirmed details of how to access the additional services they are now providing to British Nationals overseas.


Passport extensions

British Nationals Living Overseas can apply for an extension if their;

  • UK Passport has expired within the last six months
  • UK Passport is due to expire in the next three months (or  seven months if they are in or going to a country that requires travellers to have 6 months left on their passport).
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Meet us at the RCSA Conference in Queenstown, New Zealand

We are delighted to support the RCSA Conference in Queenstown, New Zealand.  The key areas for discussion at the event will be around illustrating how constant adaptation is a key for thriving in the new business reality. Finding resources for ongoing innovation is even more critical. The challenge for organisations —especially those that have enjoyed success over time—is staying open to change, being innovative, and forward thinking.

If you are coming, come and say ‘hi’, visit our TemPay stand, where you can be in for a chance to win a Grand Vintage bottle of Moet. We will also be tweeting during the event, follow us on @happycontractor

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Good News ACT Payroll tax changes pushed back to January 2015

ACT Payroll Tax Changes

Changes to ACT Payroll Tax pushed backThe ACT Payroll Tax adjustment to 6.85% has been pushed back a further 3 months, by Treasurer Andrew Barr till January 2015, giving contracts extra time to adjust to the change.

The tax was announced in the June budget, taking Canberra’s contractors by surprise, with an estimated 1000 contractors losing their payroll tax exemption and facing pay cuts amounting to thousands of dollars.

The tax change was to take effect on July 1, but under pressure from contractors the government pushed the start date back to September 1.  Now after further criticism from the cross-party estimates committee, Mr Barr pushed the date back further, to January 1.

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