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Happy Birthday Dana and Ratanak

RatanakDana‘Tis’ the season’, more birthday cake and treats as the SDP office celebrated two Birthdays this week, big Birthday wishes to both Dana and Ratanak.


Timesheet and Payroll Processing over Christmas & New Year

 Contractors – Important Dates for over the Christmas and New Year period

important dates for our contractors

Wishing you good cheer to the Christmas Holiday and the coming New Year.

During the festive season, please be aware that there are changes to payment and timesheet submission dates – due to public holidays.

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Happy Birthday to Sonia and Arnaldo

SDP Birthdays

The SDP office is celebrating two Birthdays this week Sonia’s Birthday is today and Arnaldo’s tomorrow.

Wishing you both a Happy Birthday! The red velvet birthday cake went down a treat.  
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Contingent Workforce Booming

Employers in Australia are embracing the growing casualisation of the workforce, with greater than 30% of the Australian workforce now comprised of contingent workers.

Over the past year, Australia’s freelance market saw a surge of 370,000 workers – with a third of the national workforce now participating in contingent work.
A study by Upwork, an online freelancing platform found that 4.1 million people in Australia have done some form of freelance work in the past year.

Withdrawing your Superannuation Fund

Why it’s a bad idea to withdraw your entire Superannuation fund in one lump sum

more superannuation is being withdrawn out of retirement accounts in lump sums instead of being taken out as a steady income streamOver the past two years, more superannuation is being withdrawn out of retirement accounts in lump sums rather than being taken out as a steady income stream.

Australian Prudential and Regulation Authority figures show in the 2014/15 financial year account holders withdrew a whopping $31.4 billion in lump sums as opposed to $29.5 billion being taken from accounts as a pension.

Also in 2013/14, lump sum withdrawals were higher than super savings taken as an income stream.

However, Australians are being warned that withdrawing your entire superannuation savings in one hit can be a bad financial move, particularly for those with larger balances.There are many things to consider before withdrawing all funds at once.
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