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Every Day is Pay Day at SDP Solutions

Early pay

Do you want to get paid on the same day?

Most employers pay you either on a fortnightly or monthly basis, which has become a standard. This could mean high interest short term loans, overdraft fees, late credit card fees – resulting in anxiety in just surviving between pay days.  In fact, a recent report revealed that more than 50 per cent of Australians are stressed about their finances, with nearly 85 per cent saying it impacts their well being.  This is likely to affect your productivity at work and in turn your earning capacity.

Same day pay


SDP Solutions now offers a same day pay services to its contractors, meaning you don’t have to wait weeks or a month to get paid anymore.  As a contractor you accrue for the payment upon completion of the work of that day.  Our technology allows for the work you do to be approved so that we can facilitate that payment to you in full or part.  The choice of drawdown is yours.  You can access your money when you need it.

SDP Solutions has been providing payroll financing to organisations for over 15 years.  This has been done on invoices raised to the clients.  In a similar way, our technology allows for contractors work to be accrued on the same day the work is performed and approved.  If you fulfill the terms of the contract, we can release the accrued earnings by releasing the payment similar to what we have been doing for organisations.

SDP’s same day pay (Early Pay) leads to healthy financial wellness, lower worry and increased your production at work, knowing that you will get paid after your day ends.  SDP Solutions charges a small fee for the same.

SDP Solutions also offers Rainy day pay cheque wherein we can defer or spread your payments across periods especially when you take leave or between jobs. This allows for the salary packaging to be continued, ensure you get paid regular and allows for you to manage your cash flows and budgets comfortably.

As an employer if you are looking for a motivated and productive workforce, talk to us to see how we can offer same day pay services to your full-time employees too.  


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