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Is the party over for IT recruiters?

IT Recruitment SectorThe recent article published in the Sydney Morning Herald, Is the party over for IT recruiters?’ described the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector as “slow times and belt tightening” stating that it has sent recruiters’ profits plummeting.


Is this really the case though? 


According to a recent published report A snapshot of Australia’s digital future to 2050’ by key analyst Phil Ruthven, commissioned by IBM, Australia’s ICT industry is predicted to grow from a $131 billion sector currently to about $1 trillion by 2050, demonstrating the importance of ICT to the economic and social wellbeing of today’s young people.  Therefore can we not expect this growth transfer on to the ICT recruitment market – surely we can!


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Superannuation Changes


Superannuation Guarantee Rate

As we all know from the 1st July 2013 the Superannuation Guarantee Rate will be increasing from 9% to 9.25%.  The increase in contributions will continue each year until reaching a level of 12% as outlined for the financial year 2019/20.

With many recruiters in speculation at the moment, as to whether or not to charge the increase back to their end client especially in terms of any existing contracts that go beyond 30 June 2012.  So with this in mind…What decisions are recruiters making to accommodate the increase?

 We would like to hear your thoughts and how you are planning to manage the change.

Skilled Migration Program Working Well: Report (source:

SDP Skilled Migration Program Working Well

Construction workers returning home. (Omar Perez/


Despite recent controversy, Australia’s 457 visa program is working well, with foreign workers enjoying high levels of job satisfaction and many being used to train Australian workers, a comprehensive new report has found.

Published by the Migration Council Australia (MCA), a non-for-profit organisation dedicated to enhancing the productive benefits of Australia’s migration programs, the More Than Temporary: Australia’s 457 visa program report analyses a survey of 3,800 visa holders and 1,600 businesses involved in the program.

It reveals that overall, 457 visa holders enjoy high levels of job satisfaction and integrate effectively into the workforce and into Australian society.

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