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Some Optimism in ICT (source: Recruitment Extra, May 2013)

The RIB February Report provided positive indicators with transaction volumes for both Contractors/Temps and Permanent ICT placements; which was an improvement from January’s results.

However, Nigel Harse, RIB Report, cautioned “that this result is coming off a four year low and the number of participants trading at a loss for the month still remains high at 39%, but any improvement on the January results should be cause for at least a smile.”

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Salary Packaging – Contractors Increase your take home Salary.

Salary Packaging SDP Contractor management solutions

Salary Packaging, sometimes referred to as salary sacrificing, is an Australian Taxation Office (ATO) approved way of receiving benefits such as novated or associate car leasing, deduction of professional/personal expenses from gross salary, laptop packaging and LAFHA;  by way of a pre-tax salary payment.  By paying for these items before tax means that you will be taxed only on your remaining income – meaning reducing your taxable income, meaning you pay less tax!

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