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Significant growth in Australia’s IT market expected (Source: Staffing Industry)

IT market set to grow in australiaAustralia’s IT market is set to experience significant growth this year, as key digital and transformation project kicks off, according to a new survey from Recruitment firm Greythorn.

In particular, Greythorn is seeing an increased demand for User Interface (UI), and User Experience (UX) Developers, Business Analysts, Regulatory and Compliance Business Analysts, and Project Managers and Credit Risk & Market Risk Specialists. Architecture professionals are also in high demand and look set to continue to be so over the coming year.
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Seven things that define Australia

Most of us would agree that Australia has a lot going for it. But what is it that defines us?

Define australia

McCrindle Research has put together a list of Australia’s seven defining traits — from our relative prosperity to entrepreneurial spirit.

They have characterised us for decades, but as times change and new trends emerge, how relevant are they to who we are as a nation today?
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