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Every Day is Pay Day at SDP Solutions

Early pay

Do you want to get paid on the same day?

Most employers pay you either on a fortnightly or monthly basis, which has become a standard. This could mean high interest short term loans, overdraft fees, late credit card fees – resulting in anxiety in just surviving between pay days.  In fact, a recent report revealed that more than 50 per cent of Australians are stressed about their finances, with nearly 85 per cent saying it impacts their well being.  This is likely to affect your productivity at work and in turn your earning capacity.
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It’s Time to Bridge the cash flow gap… Payroll Funding Made Simple

payroll funding for contractor payrollDid you know that two thirds of Australian SMEs that go bust are actually profitable – and according to some studies, as many as 82% of small business failures are down to poor cashflow as a result of debtors paying late.

As any operating business, cash flow is paramount.  More often than not, payments to your contractor and temp desk are processed prior to receipt of funds from clients, which can lead to problems if your cashflow is not managed effectively.

We do not want to go all doom and gloom this Tuesday morning, we are offering you that ray of sunshine, the light at the end of the tunnel… Let us give you the solution to a healthy cash flow.

Team SDP can provide payroll funding for recruiters and corporates engaging contractors and temps.  We enable you to meet every payroll with confidence.  We understand the importance of keeping margins and gross profit healthy.   And therefore, provide you with the best value financing options, from as little as 1% for 30 days financing* and allow you to cover payroll commitments and take the net profit upfront.
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Victorian Labour Hire Licensing

Labour Hire Licensing Laws

Victoria is following suit of Queensland in adopting the labour hire licencing scheme.

Labour hire businesses must now apply for a licence to operate in Victoria.  The scheme commenced on 29th April 2019 giving labour hire providers 6-months (until 29th October) to apply for the licence.  From 30 October 2019, substantial penalties will apply to labour hire providers who don’t have a licence or a licence application pending and businesses that use unlicensed providers.
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