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Immigration Department data shows the number of work visas in Australia continue to climb


457 visas and working holiday visas for Australia grow

Number of working visitors continue to grow

The number of visitors to Australia with work rights continues to soar, despite the nation’s worsening job outlook.

New Immigration Department data shows;

  • Australia’s unemployment rate climbing towards 6%
  • the number of New Zealanders on special visas has risen to 625,000
  • 10% jump in young foreigners on working holidays to almost 180,000, as of December 31 last year.
  • 7.6% spike in numbers for the controversial 457 skilled visa to 170,000
  • Student visa numbers rose by 6.4% to 257,000
  • 6% increase in the number of temporary entrants in Australia to 1.82million
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“Candidates just want to Be Loved….Is that so wrong?”

Within the recruiting industry, it’s hard to get away from candidate experience.  It’s one of those hot topics right now that everyone is talking about.  There is a heavy emphasis on the importance of treating candidates better.  With the recruitment industry in Australia being extremely competitive, recruiters must go the extra mile to stay on top and providing a good candidate experience is at the centre of this.

Ask anyone in business what is the most important part of your business … it is the PEOPLE.  This is from end-users, clients, customers, employees.  Having a strategy in place to keep these experiences positive equals a recipe for success.

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Why flexible work arrangements as we age might help save our economy (source:

SDP Contractor Management flexible workingWhile there has been much talk recently about the extent of the structural budget deficit, accompanied by the inevitable commentary about increases in taxes and reductions in expenditure, a notable absence has been the subject of how long Australians are living.

Australia is undergoing a period of substantial demographic change. For the first time, our society seeks to support two older generations – the baby boomers in their 60s and their parents in their 80s and 90s. An Australian boy born in 2010 can expect to live to 80. A girl born in the same year can expect to reach 84. Of those who make it to 65, men can expect to live to 84 years and women to 87 years.

By contrast, in 1901 only 4% of Australians were aged 65 years or older. By June 2010, this proportion had risen to 13.5%. According to ABS projections, this proportion will increase to between 21% and 23% by 2041.

That’s one in four of us over the age of 65 in 28 years’ time.

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