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Timesheet and Payroll Processing over Christmas & New Year

 Contractors – Important Dates for over the Christmas and New Year period

important dates for our contractors

Wishing you good cheer to the Christmas Holiday and the coming New Year.

During the festive season, please be aware that there are changes to payment and timesheet submission dates – due to public holidays.

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Contingent Workforce Booming

Employers in Australia are embracing the growing casualisation of the workforce, with greater than 30% of the Australian workforce now comprised of contingent workers.

Over the past year, Australia’s freelance market saw a surge of 370,000 workers – with a third of the national workforce now participating in contingent work.
A study by Upwork, an online freelancing platform found that 4.1 million people in Australia have done some form of freelance work in the past year.

Increase your Take Home Pay with Salary Packaging

What’s holding you back from increasing your net income?

Salary Packaging take home more pay

That’s right, you can actually increase your take home pay with salary packaging and at SDP we are currently offering salary packaging at fees from 1%.

What’s Salary Packaging?

Salary Packaging is an Australian Tax Office (ATO) approved way of reducing the amount of income tax you pay by paying for items such as business expenses as a pre-tax salary payment.

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