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All you need to know about contracting and working with SDP.


Do I have to set up my own company?
No, you do not have to set your own company. Although for tax purposes you become an employee of SDP, which will allow you to benefit from tax reducing strategies that increase your net income.

However, if you would prefer set up your own company under the Pty Ltd structure then SDP can still offer you help and assistance.
Is there any start up or exit costs involved?
None what so ever, you only pay while you are contracting – better still it comes straight out of your gross pay meaning it is tax deductible.
Is there a tax benefit on the management fee?
Yes, SDP’s Management Fee is taken from your pre tax pay.
How often do I get paid?
SDP are committed to making you happy – so it’s your choice, you choose your own payment cycle.
What is Salary Packaging?
Salary packaging with SDP means contractors and employees can increase their net income; this is achieved through legal tax reducing strategies and contractors enjoy up to 30% increase in take home pay.
What is LAFHA?
Living Away from Home Allowance is an ATO allowance that is provided to employees as part of a salary package to compensate some of costs in maintaining two homes – one in your permanent place and the other the temporary place where you are working. It enables contractors to increase their take home pay – as a percentage of their wage becomes tax free. While LAFHA offers many benefits, it also involves timely and complex administration, assessments and declarations – not to worry though SDP are here to help, remember we strive to make you happy; we will take care of the admin burden and ensure requirements are met.
How are the timesheets submitted?
Submitted online via SDP’s portal ‘Contractor Hub’, as a contractor you will have 24/7 access to timesheets, payslips, personal details etc.
Can I use your service if I get a contract through a recruitment agency?
Yes, SDP have extensive experience of dealing with recruitment agencies and employers who engage with contractors. We can interact with them on your behalf; we take care of the nitty gritty work, allowing you to time to concentrate on your projects and enjoy peace of mind that the process is fully compliant and dealt with by the experts.
Do you offer other benefits?
Yes, at SDP we love to keep our contractors happy. We provide all our contractors with exclusive access to the SDP Lifestyle Program for free, whereby you can get 5% discount at large retailers, discounted movie tickets, travel offers, dining offers and much more. SDP have partnered with reputable suppliers to provide our contractors with competitive car finance rates and car buying service. Recently we have partnered with one of Australia's leading health cover providers to offer working visa contractors attractive and discounted health cover plans. You will also be dealt with professional and qualified Tax agents and Financial planners
If there is a problem, who do I contact?
You can contact our dedicated contractor care team. Any urgent issues are turned around with 2-4 hours.

Working Holiday Visa FAQs

What is a TFN?
TFN stands for Tax File Number, in order to work in Australia you will need one; or you will pay tax at an emergency rate of 48%.

Before you leave home SDP can organise you TFN so you’ll be able to start work immediately in Australia and pay tax at the normal rate of 29%. If you have already arrived in Australia and don’t have a TFN – no worries we can still be of assistance.
Can I set up an Australian Bank Account before I leave home?
Yes, SDP can assist you in setting up a secure Australian Bank account.
How do I get a superannuation fund?
SDP can assist you with choosing the right super fund for you and process it for you.
Can SDP help in claim back tax from the UK/Ireland while I am in Australia?
Yes, SDP have a team of registered tax experts, who can claim the tax back on your behalf. We take care of all the paperwork while you enjoy Australia.
Can I claim back the tax I have paid in Australia?
The Australian tax year runs from 1st July to 30th June the following year.

We can process your tax returns for you while you are still in Australia or if you have returned to your home country.
Can I claim back my super payments?
If you are leaving Australia permanently and your visa has expired, SDP can get you a super refund. The average Australian superannuation refund is between $500 and $5000 AU.