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Employers FAQs


All you need to know about working with SDP.


How can SDP help me as an employer?
We take all the hassle and burden out of the administration and management of compliant engagement methods and compliance with employment work and health and safety laws of the contingent workforce.

It makes sense to outsource payroll and management of your temporary and contractor workforce, as through SDP’s transparent service offerings we guarantee efficiencies, free up your resources and more importantly provide cost efficiencies.
What structures can we set the contractors up on?
SDP can offer assistance to contractors to see what structure works best for them; we can manage contractors through PAYG, Pty Ltd structures
- Who is responsible for payroll tax and superannuation payments?
SDP takes care of super payments and payroll tax for the duration of the contractor’s assignment
- Do you offer value added services for the contractors?
Yes there are many advantages contractors an avail of, for example we can increase their net income through tax minimising strategies such as salary packaging. We also offer accounting and taxation services, payment of expenses and allowances.
What are the benefits for me SDP to manage my contingent workforce?
SDP are experts in contractor management, by using us you will reduce risk as the contractors will be on our books, you will have peace of mind knowing that your contingent workforce comply with corporate compliance. There will be increased governance as you will have complete visibility and costs of your contracting/temp workforce through our reporting services. We operate on a KPI based pricing model.
Who are SDP’s clients?
SDP have a strong network of clients – recruitment agencies, consultants, professional independent contractors and companies engaging a contingent workforce.