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The roles that Australian companies find hardest to fill (Source: Financial Review)

Ajobs difficult to fill Australia talent shortage has led to 42 per cent of Australian employers struggling to fill roles despite national unemployment at 6.1 per cent, a survey has found.

Human resource and recruitment company Manpower Group Australia surveyed more than 1500 businesses and found one quarter of Australian companies were not currently implementing any tactics to curb the impact of the talent shortage.

In the annual survey, skilled trades were remained the hardest roles to fill.

This year management and executive positions came in at second hardest role to fill, up from ranked fifth in 2014.
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Good News: Demand for ICT Professionals up as Business Confidence Rises

demand for IT Professionals

The jobs outlook in Australia for ICT professionals is strengthening, month-on-month, as both government and private sector employers express confidence in the year ahead, according to the latest ICT Salary and Employment Index from recruitment firm Peoplebank, reports

The ICT jobs market has bounced into gear after the seasonal January lull, reflecting predictions that 2015 will be another big year for technology investments.
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Tips for writing a Contractor CV

Contractor CVs versus Permanent CVs

contractor cv tipsLooking for work as a contractor can be difficult, especially when you haven’t got any former clients with new projects on the horizon. Contractors looking for work need to spread their wings a little and consider looking in new directions, and a quality CV is completely essential. Below are some things to keep in mind when writing your contractor CV, ensuring you are best positioned for finding future contracts.

The main difference between a contractor CV and a permanent CV is that in the first instance potential employers are looking to buy your skills and industry experience on a short-term basis. Your role will be to help on a short-term basis, fix problems and deliver instant results.
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