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Streamlining Contingent Workforce Management

Streamlining Contingent Workforce Management, Outsource or Manage In- House?

online contractor managementThe permanent recruitment market is changing and more Australian businesses are embracing contingent workforces.  With this growth it is essential that recruiters adapt and seek to improve processes and operations to manage this workforce effectively.

More and more agencies are investing in technology to improve efficiencies and streamline every day processes, and if you already haven’t done so it’s about time you did.  At SDP Solutions we offer recruitment agencies the choice of managing an automated, streamlined process in house through TemPay or alternatively outsourcing the management of their contractor and temp desk to SDP directly where a tailored solution can be built especially for your agency’s requirements.

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More Benefits for Contractors

More benefits for contractors – more reasons to keep smiling

contractor benefitsSDP Solutions are happy to announce that we have partnered with IMAN Australian Health Plans to offer exclusive discounted rates to all our contractors on working visas.  We are always striving to improve our added value services and solutions for our contractors and also to our clients’ contingent workforce.

IMAN has been providing health cover to overseas workers for over 30 years and is a proud subsidiary of nib holdings limited, one of Australia’s leading health insurers. 
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Changes to Payroll Tax

Liability of Payroll Tax

changes to payroll tax in tax year 2014-15Payroll Tax liability within the on-hire environment has always been surrounded by some sort of uncertainty… does the responsibility lie with the recruitment agency, the end client or the contractor?

Australian Payroll Tax Laws vary from state-to-state. All states and territories the ‘Employment Agent’ provision of the various Acts requires that the company that on-hires the contractor to the end-user client is responsible for payroll tax. 
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