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Latest Updates on Proposed Changes to 457 Visa

Latest Updates on Proposed Changes to 457 Visa

Latest Updates on Proposed Changes to 457 Visa


July is soon approaching and with that we will see the reforms to the 457 visa scheme come into effect.  Latest updates announced by the Government on the controversial 457 visa scheme include;


  • Increase of visa application charge; $900 instead of the current $455
  • Employers will need to make every effort to employ Australians before resorting to foreign workers
  • Exemption threshold is being raised to $250,000

With the election taking place this year, there has been a lot of political play onto the proposed changes to the 457 visa.  Political leaders are communicating the tightening on 457 visas is to protect “Australian jobs for Australian citizens and residents”.

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Why flexible work arrangements as we age might help save our economy (source:

SDP Contractor Management flexible workingWhile there has been much talk recently about the extent of the structural budget deficit, accompanied by the inevitable commentary about increases in taxes and reductions in expenditure, a notable absence has been the subject of how long Australians are living.

Australia is undergoing a period of substantial demographic change. For the first time, our society seeks to support two older generations – the baby boomers in their 60s and their parents in their 80s and 90s. An Australian boy born in 2010 can expect to live to 80. A girl born in the same year can expect to reach 84. Of those who make it to 65, men can expect to live to 84 years and women to 87 years.

By contrast, in 1901 only 4% of Australians were aged 65 years or older. By June 2010, this proportion had risen to 13.5%. According to ABS projections, this proportion will increase to between 21% and 23% by 2041.

That’s one in four of us over the age of 65 in 28 years’ time.

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Is the party over for IT recruiters?

IT Recruitment SectorThe recent article published in the Sydney Morning Herald, Is the party over for IT recruiters?’ described the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector as “slow times and belt tightening” stating that it has sent recruiters’ profits plummeting.


Is this really the case though? 


According to a recent published report A snapshot of Australia’s digital future to 2050’ by key analyst Phil Ruthven, commissioned by IBM, Australia’s ICT industry is predicted to grow from a $131 billion sector currently to about $1 trillion by 2050, demonstrating the importance of ICT to the economic and social wellbeing of today’s young people.  Therefore can we not expect this growth transfer on to the ICT recruitment market – surely we can!


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