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Cost Efficient Contractor Management Solutions

A Temporary and Contract desk is proving itself as a key factor in sustaining a competitive and robust marketplace within the recruitment industry in Australia. With the growth of the contingent workforce, it is imperative that recruiters adapt and streamline their processes and operations to accommodate this workforce.

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Meet us at the IT18 Conference

We are delighted to support IT18, the first IT recruitment and talent management event in Australia. The event will tackle a wide range of subjects including management of IT contractors. If you are coming come and say ‘hi’. We will also be tweeting during the event. Follow us on @happycontractor

The Road Ahead for contingent workforce management in 2013

By Raj Sesha, CEO SDP.
As we proceed into a New Year, some of us may feel the pinch on profit margins. Last year the market saw a steady and stable development, however some recruitment agencies still faced cash flow challenges which hindered their growth opportunities. The year ahead may bring some level of uncertainty; however it is imperative not to dwell on the negatives but to look at new and improved ways of doing things. With some industry professionals forecasting that Australia will continue a steady economic growth for 2013, there is some hope that opportunities will arise and that there will be generation of jobs. It is therefore crucial that recruiters maximise their cash flow, and seek to improve back office systems, where necessary, to withstand these prospects.
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