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7 Reasons to bid farewell to paper timesheets

Out with the old and in with the new
time to bid farewell to manual paper timesheets and use online timesheets. Save time, money and resources and streamline your payroll process

Surprisingly, many businesses and recruitment agencies are still relying on paper timesheets for their employees and contingent workforce. Manual timesheets are dated in today’s fast-paced digital world – it is about time you joined the rest of us online.

Here are some of the common criticisms of paper times and reasons why you should consider replacing them.
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Tax Rules to Change for Working Holiday Makers

Working Holiday Visa Tax Changes

Working Holiday Visa Tax Residency Rules to Change 2016In the 2015–16 Budget the Government announced that it will change the tax residency rules of temporary working holiday makers from that of resident, to that of non-resident, from 1 July 2016.
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Can you claim Living Away From Home Allowance? (LAFHA)

LAFHA – Living Away From Home Allowance

Are you Living Away from Home, Relocating or travelling?

LAFHA - are you eligible?  Allowance from living away from home while contracting or in employment

As a Contractor you may be eligible for a Living Away From Home Allowance. There are various factors involved in your individual situation that will determine whether you are eligible for LAFHA.
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