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If you are planning to visit Australia on a working holiday visa or have just arrived SDP can offer a wide range of services to maximise your income while you work during your stay. Contracting is an excellent working arrangement which gives you the flexibility of funding your adventure of Australia. As on a working holiday visa you are allowed to work for the one employer for a maximum of 6 months.



  • MAXIMISE INCOME Increase your income by up to 30% with our legal tax reducing strategies such as salary packaging – allowing you to bring home more money on pay day.
  • REDUCE PAPERWORK AND HOMEWORK We strive to make our contractors happy we don’t want you having the head ache of administration – leave it to us, we are here to help.
  • CONTRACTOR CARE:We offer value-added services to our contractors, including the SDP Lifestyle Reward Program which gives our contractors access to a wide range of benefits at no extra cost
  • PEACE OF MIND:Fully compliant, all legalities and paperwork handled by the experts. Our services are fully flexible and portable giving you the freedom to move state to state on different projects which will allow you to see and enjoy what Australia has to offer.
  • FRIENDLY SERVICE:Find out how we can help you by talking to our friendly staff today.


“SDP has been terrific for me since I branched out from being a permanent employee to a contractor. Raj and his team are dedicated to providing an excellent service offering and are delivering on that promise. I have been with SDP for a few years now and although they had some original teething issues, their systems and processes are now running very smoothly. I count Raj as both a service provider and a friend. He has always been very available and accommodating to my peculiar thirst for tax/payroll/accounting/contracting knowledge which seems ironic given I have outsourced this function to such a specialist. There is a great team of support staff who are helping keep SDP and its clients humming along.”

Kelvin Tan - professional contractor