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It’s Time to Bridge the cash flow gap… Payroll Funding Made Simple

payroll funding for contractor payrollDid you know that two thirds of Australian SMEs that go bust are actually profitable – and according to some studies, as many as 82% of small business failures are down to poor cashflow as a result of debtors paying late.

As any operating business, cash flow is paramount.  More often than not, payments to your contractor and temp desk are processed prior to receipt of funds from clients, which can lead to problems if your cashflow is not managed effectively.

We do not want to go all doom and gloom this Tuesday morning, we are offering you that ray of sunshine, the light at the end of the tunnel… Let us give you the solution to a healthy cash flow.

Team SDP can provide payroll funding for recruiters and corporates engaging contractors and temps.  We enable you to meet every payroll with confidence.  We understand the importance of keeping margins and gross profit healthy.   And therefore, provide you with the best value financing options, from as little as 1% for 30 days financing* and allow you to cover payroll commitments and take the net profit upfront.

 Key Features 
  • No lock in Contract
  • Low Fees
  • Clear breakdown of cost per contractor/temp
  • Fast access to Funds
  • Improve Cash flow quickly
  • No Lengthy Credit Applications
  • Security is the invoice – not your personal assets
  • Managed Payroll and Invoicing

Not only can we provide the funds to help you grow but can also provide outsourced back office solutions for contingent workforce management.  Outsourcing is easy with SDP Solutions, we form strong partnerships with our clients and tailor solutions directly with their needs.  Our online platform simplifies and automates processes, enabling you to focus on growing your business with the confidence that meeting your payroll will not be a problem and without the risk of a bad debt.

So, don’t let cash flow hinder your growth, talk to SDP Solutions to see how we can make your agency grow today, click here or alternatively call 1300 409 070.

*Plus, payroll cost

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