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Agencies FAQs


All you need to know about partnering with SDP.


Who is responsible for payroll tax when dealing with SDP?
Payroll tax is the responsibility of you, the recruitment agency. As the ‘Employment Agent’ provision of the payroll tax various acts states that the company that on-hires the contractor to the end-user client is responsible for payroll tax.
When are the contractors paid?
SDP offer full flexibility when it comes to the payment of contractors; as we pay contractors every business day with an exception to NSW public holidays. This means that we can pay your temps and contractors in line with your payroll schedule.
Do SDP provide payroll financing?
Yes, we offer finance options at very competitive rates.
who is responsible for insurances of the contractors?
SDP provide full comprehensive insurance cover for your contractors, Pubic Liability, Public Indemnity and Worker’s Cover.
When are invoices sent?
This is up to you – we are fully flexible to send invoices weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc.
What reporting services do SDP provide?
SDP provide the following reports
o Profitability
o Total contractor spend
o Margin analysis
o Commission reports
Whose timesheets are used?
SDP provide and online timesheet platform with your branding.
What are the benefits of choosing SDP over other Contractor management companies?
We understand that outsourcing is a big decision for any company; therefore from the outset we meet with you establish what you want, how you want it delivered, answer your queries and clear up any uncertainties. We understand one solution does not fit all recruiter’s needs, that is why SDP tailor unique solutions based on your specific needs.

Making our clients happy is our top priority, we believe we achieve this through are pro-active approach, high levels of integrity and by building strong relationships, not to mention our competitive and reasonable rates.
- Will the contractors benefit from any add value services?
Yes, our main priority is keeping all our clients happy. SDP are experts in contingent workforce management, we understand that contractor care is essential when keeping our contractors happy, as happy contractors makes us happy and that applies to recruiters and organisations too.

We offer your contractors a range of advantages, for example we can increase their net income through tax minimising strategies such as salary packaging. We also offer accounting and taxation services, payment of expenses and allowances. With SDP offering a little extra keeps your contractors happy, which means retention of your temp workforce and potential referrals helping your agency grow.