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Case Study – Employer Solution

A tailored solution for a mining employer engaging a contingent workforce

Background - Mining Company
The mining company have a range of professional contractors from professional engineers to the miners. With such a varied workforce special provisions have to be in place and that’s were companies engaging with professional contractors and feel the burden of increase admin and compliance requirements.

The problem
This particular mining company was experiencing the following issues;
- Lack of visibility on the number of contractors on the books
- Not aware of the rates of each contractor no system in place.
- Inductions and OHS process and training not customised and dynamic; one in place but not targeted or coordinated effectively.
- Contractors operating independently did not carry the correct employee liability insurances.
- With having some contractors operating as Sole traders and company not holding tax or superannuation

SDP Solution
An automated organised process and system was established for this mining company, which would not only provide truly compliant and legal processes but would provide detailed reporting and alerts allowing easy analysis, complete visibility and costs of their contingent workforce.
- System to allow easy identification of the number of contractors and rates for each.
- Compliant PSI legislation for all contractors from Sole Traders to PAYG contractors.
- Comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety system to suit the varied workforce and the working environment.
- Induction process in place and effective monitoring system whereby the company could easily identify induction status of individual – ensuring more efficient operations.
- SDP also provided on boarding and back ground checks on contractors – offering the mining company with added insurance and confidence that they have the correct workforce.

As well as these services SDP also managed payroll, invoicing and all administration involved with the contingent workforce – not only did the mining company avail of benefits but the contractors themselves received add value through access to incentives and also increase net income through legal tax minimising strategies.
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