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Get your Contractor Management fee down to 0%

0 mangement fees

Did you know it is possible to reduce or get your SDP management fee down to zero? Sounds too good to be true, but we are serious – no one’s pulling any legs here. It’s no skin of any one’s nose either.

At SDP Solutions, we know contractor management like the back of our hands, we been doing it for over 13 years. The business has grown from strength to strength and we want to look after the people who mean the most – our customers. SDP are the happy contractor’s people, we continuously seek to improve our service offerings and strive to provide the best value to you.

With our partners in Wealth Management, we have opened up the opportunity for all contractors to reduce or in many situations get their management fee down to zero. We pass the referral fees that we get from our partners to offset your fees. Depending on the products you subscribe, the referral fees could be higher than the fees you have paid us, as such you will get a credit back for those amounts.

Case study

Paul Watkins has been contracting through SDP for the past year, he contacted us for an employment reference for a home loan with his bank. We advised Paul to speak to our Independent Financial Planner to see if he was getting the best deal. As with independent financial advisors compare a large number of home loans from a wide range of service providers ensuring best value to the client.

Paul was surprised that our Financial advisor managed to save him a significant percentage on his home loan and as SDP passes the referral rewards back to the contractor Paul was able to eliminate his management fee for the remainder of his contract.

The Results
– 0.5% fixed rate saved on home loan
– No Management Fee for remaining 6 months of his contract

To see how you can reduce or eliminate your fees, please contact us here or alternatively call us on 02 9233 2200 as each and every case will vary, as each referral rewards depend on each product, reward value and also your current management fee.

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