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Has your contractor management company suspended trading?

Contractors have you been left unpaid?

Calling all contractors…

• Has your contractor management company suspended trading?
• Are you experiencing late payments or even worse missing payments?
• Are you unhappy with your current provider?

Don’t be PLAYED by your contractor management company! It’s time to move to a reliable and reputable payroll management provider that can guarantee your payments on time every time.

This announcement comes as a contractor management company has suspended all business activities. A lot of contractors have advised that they have not been paid by this Company.

At SDP we want to restore the faith and the trust to these contractors, we understand the importance of having the right contractor management company – it is your career after all. At SDP, we are the happy contractor people – we go the extra mile to keep our contractors smiling. Founded in 2004, the company has built its reputation on trust, integrity and transparency. SDP have since evolved into a key player within the sector.

SDP are offering all contractors transferring from other contractor management service providers special fee rates – that are not to be missed. Give us a call on 1300 409 070 

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About the Author

Raj is the Founder of SDP Solutions, SDP Global Pay, and TemPay and leads the team with a commitment to innovation and client success. Since 2004, he has driven SDP's growth by embedding trust, integrity, and transparency into its core. Raj's leadership ensures that SDP provides seamless cross-border employment solutions and optimised operations for labour hire firms, corporate clients and independent contractors. By leveraging his expertise in HR, business systems, and customer experience, Raj delivers tailored solutions that enhance client relationships and drive industry adaptability, positioning SDP as a trusted partner in global workforce management.