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Australian Government targets tech industry with new visa: ‘The Global Talent Scheme’

Australian Government targets tech industry with new visa: ‘The Global Talent Scheme’

The Government have announced a new visa program ‘The Global Talent Scheme’ aimed to attract highly skilled global talent and deliver innovation to Australia will be introduced from 1 July of this year.

The ‘Global Talent Scheme’ will consist of two components:

  1. Established businesses with an annual turnover of more than AUD 4 million will be able to sponsor highly skilled and experienced individuals for positions with earnings above AUD 180,000 into Australia.  Employers will need to be able to demonstrate that they prioritise the employment of Australians and that there will be skills transfer to Australian workers as a result of the person being granted a visa. The sponsoring business must also have a track record of hiring and training Australians.
  2. Technology-based and STEM-related start-up businesses will also be able to sponsor experienced people with specialised technology skills. Start-ups will need to be recognised by a start-up authority and demonstrate that they prioritise the employment of Australians.

In both instances, a four-year temporary skill shortage visa will be issued with permanent residence applications available after three years.

The new visa scheme opens on a trial basis and is largely targeted at the tech industry, with the 457-visa scheme ending this offers business the opportunity to employ top talent and it will enable companies to ‘import skills the government doesn’t know they need’.

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