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Victorian Labour Hire Licensing

Victoria is following suit of Queensland in adopting the labour hire licencing scheme.

Labour hire businesses must now apply for a licence to operate in Victoria.  The scheme commenced on 29th April 2019 giving labour hire providers 6-months (until 29th October) to apply for the licence.  From 30 October 2019, substantial penalties will apply to labour hire providers who don’t have a licence or a licence application pending and businesses that use unlicensed providers.

A labour hire provider is a business that supplies an individual to perform work in and as part of a host’s business and pays the individual for the work. Includes contractor management companies.


Overview of Application

  • Apply from 29th April 2019
  • Application can be completed online
  • Directors are ‘fit and proper person’
  • Compliance with legal obligations such as Tax, super, OH&S, Migration laws etc
  • Licence normally issued for 3 Years
  • Reporting – Frequency and details unclear at this stage.
  • Licencing Fees;
Application Fee Annual Fee Renewal Application Fee
Tier 1 business (annual turnover of no more than $2M)




Tier 2 business (annual turnover of between $2M-$10M)




Tier 3 business (annual turnover of more than $10M)




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