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Victorian Labour Hire Licence

The Victorian Labour Hire Authority relaxes labour Hire Licence Requirements

The Victorian Labour Hire Authority relaxes labour hire licence requirements in light of COVID-19 to support businesses and workers during this unprecedented time.

As of now, no enforcement action will be taken against;

  • Labour Hire service providers without a licence
  • Hosts that enter in an agreement with a labour hire service provider who does not have a labour hire licence.

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Temporary Workforce Booming

Increase in temporary work

An international study conducted by Page Personnel shows Australia now has the second highest percentage of temporary workers anywhere in the world with nearly 4 percent of our total working population employed on a temporary basis. The increase of enterprise bargaining in the workforce, a decline in the proportion of firms with closed union shops and a growth in the use of human resource firms have all been among the factors that have led to a huge increase in the propensity for employers to use temporary labour. This trend is mirrored across the world, according to the study which found three in five of all professionals and one in three employers expected to see a rise in the need for temporary employment in the future.

This is the year to become an independent IT contractor

Ever thought of becoming an Independent IT Contractor?

Contracting is no longer a last resort for technology pros, but a viable career path offering both financial and professional rewards.

A survey conducted by Mondo, a technology resourcing provider found that 48% of businesses plan to hire more independent IT contractors than full-time staff over the next 12 to 18 months, and 32% expect to increase their annual IT contractor budgets over the same period.

Mondo CEO, Michael Kirven, explains 2014 is the banner year for IT hiring, and explains why there’s never been a better time to explore opportunities as a contractor — and the payoffs can benefit both workers and employers.

These shifts show that while technology hiring is, thankfully, on the upswing, the real opportunities may no longer lie in full-time jobs.

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